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An immersive portfolio viewing experience for an award winning pool building company.


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Creating an immersive portfolio based online experience for Alfresco Pools that communicates quality.

Alfresco Pools, specialists in crafting concrete pools, engaged Onflow to revamp their online presence. Leveraging Webflow, we designed a visually striking portfolio-based website, complemented by professional photography.


  1. Showcase Portfolio: Highlight Alfresco Pools' diverse range of concrete pool projects.
  2. User-Centric Design: Create an intuitive website for an enhanced visitor experience.
  3. Visual Excellence: Integrate high-quality photography to capture the beauty of completed projects.
  4. Webflow Dynamics: Utilise Webflow's functionalities for seamless navigation and responsiveness.

Our Approach: In collaboration with Alfresco Pools, we distilled the unique essence of their brand and each pool project, guiding our design and development strategy. Harnessing the versatility of Webflow, we crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website, spotlighting each pool project with finesse.

Photography that Speaks: On-site photography sessions captured the craftsmanship of Alfresco Pools' projects, forming the visual centrepiece of the website.

User-centric design principles ensured a smooth visitor experience, allowing easy exploration of the portfolio and insights into the pool-building process.


1. Elevated Online Presence: The new website positioned Alfresco Pools as industry leaders, showcasing their excellence through aesthetically pleasing design and professional photography.

2. Increased Engagement: User interaction soared as visitors immersed themselves in the portfolio, resulting in prolonged exploration and heightened engagement.

3. Positive Client Feedback: Alfresco Pools received commendations for the website's design and effective portrayal of their pool installations.

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